Anne Garner - Be Life

Anne Garner’s fourth album is a beguiling blend of alternative pop, spectral lullabies and tender neo-classical arrangements. This dreamy, eerie and unashamedly beautiful collection of vocal-electronic crossover works represents the patient distillation of raw life experience into something subtle, ethereal and sublime. The album follows Remaking the Pearl, Magic & Madness and the acclaimed Trusting a Twirled World.

“They’re not just pretty songs – they have a real emotional weight and depth. They comfort, they console and they protect. She treats the music like a son or a daughter, as if it were the most precious person in the world. It’s the way that music should be treated. It isn’t just something to listen to, but something to experience, something to cherish. Don’t let it be music; let it be life.” (James Catchpole, Fluid Radio)

RELEASE DATE   June 19, 2015
CREDITS   Written by Anne Garner | Produced by James Murray

Guest Vocals by Miranda Quammie on 5, Finlay A'Court Williams on 6 | Mastered by Dean Honer | Design by Slowcraft