Anne Garner

Anne’s music can’t be easily described. The magic lies in the ambiguity, in the unanswered question and the breath between notes. It’s folk when celebrating lives lived, the grass and the dew and the soil. It’s classical when steeped in an ancient hymnal timelessness. She draws on electronica and electroacoustic too, though these are songs in the truest sense; intimate arrangements leaving lasting personal impressions.

Anne Garner is a composer and performer whose voice, piano, flute and imagination weave these threads into something altogether new.In 2006 Anne moved to London from her hometown of Sheffield to begin an ongoing collaboration with experimental music producer James Murray. The first fruit of this partnership was the celebrated Trusting a Twirled World, establishing her reputation as a singer-songwriter of unusual voice and vision.

Her lyrical work is inspired by curiosity and a sense of wonder, a hunger to explore and explain the emotional inner life. It’s in poetry and harmony that Anne finds her safe space, in enveloping and beguiling moods, a place from which to speak the unspoken.