Peter Levics - 12 Months Suites Pt. I

12 Months Suites by Peter Levics could most accurately be described as musical diary, in which two brother musicians assemble their inspiration and emotion throughout the year. They give us a glimpse into how they experience life and let us have a look at their recorded memory – first part of the cycle is autumn, with its bright colours, fresh air and states of mind ranging from lively to calm. Each piece, be it fully completed or a vivid idea just about to grow, is named by its creation date. Being a diary the collection of songs is quite intimate, yet this one doesn’t give away too many secrets. Even though it is full of deep feelings, it also leaves ample space for each listener’s interpretation and imagination.

RELEASE DATE   October 30, 2015
CREDITS   Maris Peterlevics - Violin | Juris Peterlevics - Guitar | Drums on 6 November and 27 November by Sandis Volkovs

Piano on 25 November (Prelude) by Reinis Zariņš | Cello & mandolin on 6 November, 25 November & 27 November by Juris Peterlevics

Mix & Master by Maris Peterlevics | Postcard art by Rita Rozenberga | Design by Melanie Kurhan