Timothy Fairless

Equally at home drifting amongst treated field recordings topped with sparse grand piano as it is contemptuously abusing the ear of its audience with unrelenting noise and hammering repetition, the music of Australian composer Timothy Fairless is hard to pin down – but easy to spot. Perhaps the competing influences of a rigid classical piano childhood followed by an eccentric and rebellious contemporary/free jazz adolescence took its toll – or crystallised into something more.

Inspired by contemporary pioneers (think Cage, Reich and Eno) and immersed in the new wave of experimental music occupied by the likes of Tim Hecker and Lawrence English, Timothy Fairless’ work is – at this point at least – an exploration of Ambient textures with a Post-Rock aesthetic. His musical constructions are made with a combination of traditional instruments, and sounds of often indeterminable origin.

Timothy’s previous work includes scores for several award winning short films, a debut solo EP, and countless writing and production credits with artists ranging from folk to grimy pop.